Important celebrations call for champagne! Weddings, anniversaries, or even just a bottomless mimosa brunch are all occasions for drinking champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco, and other bubbly drinks. As fun and enjoyable as these are to drink, it’s important to limit your intake.

Studies have shown that the presence of bubbles in alcohol can cause you to get drunk faster, thus ending your party earlier than you planned. The bubbles increase the delivery of alcohol, and that’s what speeds up the process of getting drunk. This might be due to the carbon dioxide in these types of drinks.

A glass or two of champagne isn’t going to be the end of your night, but after a toast or a glass, consider switching to a different type of alcohol. Bottomless mimosas should be approached with caution. People often don’t realize that they are feeling drunk due to the champagne being mixed with orange juice, but it eventually hits them and hits them hard.

Since carbonation increases the speed of alcohol absorption, mixed drinks that include soda should be limited as well. Juice is an all-around better option for mixed drinks, but if you do need to drink soda with your mixed drinks, stick to one or two drinks.

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