If you’ve been following the news lately, you might have heard that Buddy Valastro, more commonly known as TLC’s “Cake Boss”, recently got a DUI. While the facts surrounding the arrest are still emerging, it is certain that Valastro had too much to drink and got behind the wheel regardless.

When we hear about a celebrity getting a DUI, various thoughts come to mind. What were they thinking? Why would they risk their life, popularity, and celebrity status? Did they really think they wouldn’t get caught? These are all valid questions to ask. However, before we are so quick to point fingers and pass judgments, we have to evaluate whether or not we are asking ourselves the same questions. Luckily, when a famous person gets a DUI something good comes out of it: it gives us time to reflect on our own drinking and driving choices.

Famous or not, someone who gets a DUI was not thinking clearly at the time of getting behind the wheel. It’s important to know your limits and even consider not driving even if you’ve had hardly anything to drink. It’s also important to consider the risks of drunk driving. We have to know that if we drunkenly get behind the wheel, we are risking our life and the lives of others.

While you might not be a “celebrity”, you matter to those whom you share your life with. And as for that last question we might be asking of Valastro or any other celebrity (did they think they wouldn’t get caught?), the answer is clearly “yes”. The same goes for normal, everyday people. They think they’re not as drunk as they actually are, or they think there won’t be any police officers out on their route home. The truth is, even if you’ve gotten away with drunk driving in the past, it almost always has a way of catching up with you at some point or another.

So the next time a famous celebrity gets a DUI, let it serve as a reminder to think about the actions you take when you’re drinking. Or perhaps use it as motivation to talk to a friend or family member who often takes risks like getting behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. Celebrity DUIs can offer us much more than a tabloid headline.

And if you or someone you know has already found yourself in the Cake Boss’ shoes, please contact us today. We’re here to help you understand the steps you need to take after you’ve received a DUI in southern California.

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