If you’ve recently gotten a DUI and had your drivers license revoked, you might be frustrated with feelings of less independence since you can’t drive. While some people get a restricted license and some get their license taken away completely, in either case there is concern about getting around on your own. While there is certainly the option to rely on family and friends to take you places, you might be looking for a more autonomous route. Here are a few options:

  1. Public transportation: It’s not as glamorous as driving your own car, but taking a bus, trolley, train, or something else is a viable option. Plus, taking public transportation makes you be responsible for getting to where you need to be on time by working around a transportation schedule. This can be a great way to show loved ones that you are a responsible person (which is crucial after receiving a DUI).
  2. Bike riding: Riding a bike doesn’t require a license and it’s faster than walking. It’s even a great form of exercise!
  3. Walking: This can often be the least desirable alternative to driving, but if you are in a place that easily facilitates walking and your destination isn’t too far away, walking might be a good option for you. Plus, this is another form of exercise. Walking from point A to point B might even help you gain a new respect for the privilege of driving.

If you’ve gotten a DUI and have had your license revoked, it’s important to find another way to get around, whether it’s to work, to the store, or anywhere in between. You need to be able to keep living your life and you need to do so in a legal way. This means no driving if you’re license is revoked.

The penalties can be very harsh for this, which would add more stress and strain on top of everything surrounding your DUI. If you need want to learn more about how to handle life after a DUI, contact us today. We offer classes in Southern California to help you learn all about DUIs and the steps you need to take after getting one.


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