The legal and monetary punishments of a DUI can be quite staggering. Depending on the conviction, you could be looking at a revoked license, jail time, and significant lawyer fees. But the consequences of a DUI go a lot further than that. One of the major things you will probably be faced with is a lack of trust from loved ones, friends, and any individuals you’re around on a regular basis. Here are some of the reasons why people will need their trust in you restored, and how you can help them see past your DUI.

You Might Appear Irresponsible

Let’s face it, getting behind the wheel after a night of drinking seems irresponsible to most people. By doing this, you put your life and the lives of others in danger. Because of this, your close friends might not trust you to babysit their child, or your boss, manager, or supervisor might not feel comfortable giving you the same work tasks as they did prior to your DUI. In cases like these, it’s important to give people time to take in what’s happened and let them ask questions. You can also remind them that you are taking proactive steps to rectify your behavior so a DUI doesn’t happen again. This can be done perhaps by cutting back on your drinking or attending a DUI class that will help you take the right steps to handling your legal issues.

You Might Appear Reckless

Going back to the idea of putting your life at risk by drinking and driving, your loved ones especially might feel that you are acting recklessly. Family members and significant others can become worried that you have a drinking problem, or that you aren’t valuing your life. It’s important to let them know that you love both them and yourself and that you don’t want to put them through the pain and agony of a DUI again. Doing this can help gain back trust so that your family members trust you to be able to go out to a bar or a party without getting another DUI.
Always remember, to think about how your actions affect others. And if you’ve done something that has scared, worried, or angered people in your life, you should own up to it and rectify the situation as best as you can. For questions and concerns about your DUI, contact us today.


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